mardi 19 janvier 2010


Cloudy sky

I didn’t sleep well, it seems that the hotel was full last night, a group of mens ( like a day trip for workers) was everywhere. My room is at the first floor, end of a corridor, i have to go all along to get into it. Those mens, standing in the corridor looks et me very pushy. They burp a lot. In burping a sign of beiing polite , here ? anayway, they just watch me like if i was very exotic or coming from march. For sure, i dont have the same looking style than indians womens, most of them are a bit fat, with a very long haire and they dont really stay alone. I am opposite , a bit skynny, very short hair and alone !

I tryed to sleep but it was hard, i could ear the tv’s from all the room around mine like if it was a competition of « who is going to put the tv more loud »

This mornaing, i have a hard time to go on the bike at 5. 30, it was cold outside.

I di my yoga, struggling with the so difficult second serie of this asthanga vinyasa yoga.

A little mouse was running between maps…

I went straigt for breaksfast, and back to the room for rest a little bit.

Took the bike again looking for the sapna’s famous book shop. I didn’t even watch the books but spend a lot of time at the art supply. It is so cheap, here.

It is cloudy today, almost cold.

An ordinary day in Mysore.

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