dimanche 30 mai 2010

tittle for collage

i am looking for a tittle for my collage productions. bookmarks, plates... it start to grow.
not easy to find an easy name, fun and funcky!
i did some plates glue on plastic cheap quality plates. and offered one for the baby flora. here is it.

vendredi 28 mai 2010

collage plates

i still feel the call for india but i won't be abble to travel before september...
so, i am doing collage as a travelling, in images, deep and far.
i am doing plates. usual objects, usual things...
simple as modesty art ART MODESTE.
thanks for all of you , publishing in the blog is also a kind of travel, shared; visiting other's blog is also a travel and i enjoy it.

mercredi 26 mai 2010


What do you wish for your space?
as jamie asked, i will answer
fro my space, i wish to be in a continent and take the road forward, feel that i can keep on going.
i wish space in my body for tender and relaxing, for softness.
i wish for everybody space for freedom in their lifes.
i wish that humanity will discover some others spaces around earth.


lundi 24 mai 2010

indian call

after being so busy, after the no words land, i feel like going to india.
i have an indian call. but my schedule is short. i will have only 2 weeks. may be 3, not enough for yoga.
may be i should just visit, stay near, meet some artists or go to another class, like painting.
i am a bit lost with choices. but i can feel it, i have to go to india
and see again this red dress paint in bangalore's museum

samedi 22 mai 2010


i add this painting collage to a poetry, but it is in french
it could be i paid cash in english
i paid cash from all the sadness
for being different
for knowing the dark side of the society
J’ai pris cher

Je ne voulais pas être perdue dans ce monde de grands
Tatée, jaugée, utilisée comme un joujou enfant
Ce que je voulais c’était qu’on entende ma colère,
Alors, j’ai pris cher, trop cher

Je ne voulais pas être nue au milieu de la rue,
Fourbue, moulue, foutue,
Ce que je voulais, c’est être vue
Au lieu d’être mangée toute crue
A l’endroit, à l’envers, j’ai pris cher

Je ne voulais pas me retrouver en boite
Palpée, paumée en sueur moite
Ce que je voulais, c’était rester droite
J’en suis ressortie maladroite, j’ai mal à droite
J’ai pris cher d’avoir souffert

Je ne voulais pas etre hors loi,
Traquée,filée, reniée
Ce que je voulais, c’est avoir le droit
De sortir de la misère et d’être moi
De dos ou face à toi,
j’ai pris cher pour continuer à me taire

je ne voulais pas avoir mal comme ça
rejetée, mal aimée, baisée
ce que je voulais, c’est que mon cœur batte encore
malgré le passé de corps, l’amour à mort
tatoue moi fort, brule porc
j’ai pris cher pour l’adultère

je ne voulais pas que tu prenne peur
en quelques heures, toc-toc au cœur
ce que je voulais, c’est un peu de douceur
petit gout de bonheur
quand on a peur, le cœur est vengeur
j’ai pris cher d’avoir été fière

je ne voulais pas te dire que tu affolais ma peau
que la fierté, c’est juste des mots
ce que je voulais, c’est te dire que je t’ai trouvé beau
ça m’a fait un effet chaud, genre hohohoho
je vais prendre cher pour laisser l’aire d’amour voire le jour
je veux croire que ça vaut le coup, toujours. toujours.

mercredi 19 mai 2010

collage red dress2

we did this collage , my friend flore and i... just before the festival, here is one picture


As jamie asked, i will answer to the wish
what do i wish to have ?
after a very hard jobe and absolutely no time for art, i wish to have more time for art
i also wish peace for all of us, especially inside, for have a better mind, be in better mood, accepting honestly what we are.
i wish space inside us for peace

tree from australia, my peace space...

lundi 17 mai 2010

maux rouges

i am back from festival, just so tired. so i did some backgrounds for relaxing with red bomb paint and old paper that i did glue on a set map .
for now a few pictures that a friend of mine took in this night performance, lat in the night, after i finished to work as stage manager.
i dance one part with blindeyes and when i could see again , i saw the dog just near... very strange.

lundi 10 mai 2010

maux rouges

maux rouges if you use google translation or something similar means red aliments
for me, maux rouges is a play with words, only the writing are differents when you prononce it, same sound.
meanings are also differents.
it is a project that i am doing with a singer ( pregnant of 8 month) and a musician ( her husband). they usely plays electo music. dark. and ther both have a part of red hair.
it is a long time we started to work together but this project is différent, we meet here. her, she slam my words, him, he does a back ground sound, like sounds of unknow, unespected and it became a new art. i am improvising on 3 " songs", 3 slams.
theay perform 6 or 7 slams.
it is dark and red, words are deep, they stay in air, they stay on us. we will perfom twice in tempo festival, a big regional event.
in the day, i am working as a stage manager. we will perform after, like 1 am... wild and crazy.
i did so many things those days that my art time get reduced. but i still did art at work, my stage -space is outside like the heart of festival with music , contempory art of joel buhaut , a famous artist working on the process of colors and objets that have been put together in a unexpected way. very briht and strong, promise i will take some pictures.
i won't have time to come for a week, too busy... may ba i will try quick post... who know's ?
sory if i dont have time to visit all my friend's blog, i will miss it but as soon as i finish to work on the festival, i will visit you bcak

mardi 4 mai 2010

flore and her red dress

Flore is a friend, she is painting since a while.
she came for me to shoot her with t-her own red dress, real dress and art dress.
after we worked together on a collage.
her art piece is on cimentpaper bags. the art piece will folow the performance in september or october, when it will be ready.
she explains to me the meaning of her art, the 3 faces, the blood as color for pain but also color for good, for life.
i did record a little of her explainations, it was great to share this