lundi 10 mai 2010

maux rouges

maux rouges if you use google translation or something similar means red aliments
for me, maux rouges is a play with words, only the writing are differents when you prononce it, same sound.
meanings are also differents.
it is a project that i am doing with a singer ( pregnant of 8 month) and a musician ( her husband). they usely plays electo music. dark. and ther both have a part of red hair.
it is a long time we started to work together but this project is différent, we meet here. her, she slam my words, him, he does a back ground sound, like sounds of unknow, unespected and it became a new art. i am improvising on 3 " songs", 3 slams.
theay perform 6 or 7 slams.
it is dark and red, words are deep, they stay in air, they stay on us. we will perfom twice in tempo festival, a big regional event.
in the day, i am working as a stage manager. we will perform after, like 1 am... wild and crazy.
i did so many things those days that my art time get reduced. but i still did art at work, my stage -space is outside like the heart of festival with music , contempory art of joel buhaut , a famous artist working on the process of colors and objets that have been put together in a unexpected way. very briht and strong, promise i will take some pictures.
i won't have time to come for a week, too busy... may ba i will try quick post... who know's ?
sory if i dont have time to visit all my friend's blog, i will miss it but as soon as i finish to work on the festival, i will visit you bcak
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