mardi 25 février 2014

simplement chez moi

apres une longue abscence, je reste tout simplement chez moi le plus possible, evitant toute sortie inutile, en pleine chaleur , je me sens presque immobile, cela me permet de reflechir au mouvement, au sens du futur, a la danse ci joint des images prises en inde, photo : Christine Hewitt

vendredi 21 février 2014

back home, it is nice

feel strange and also good to be back home. bye bye india, hello work again. pictures : Agnes R. work in progress for fem'ilite, rehearsal at mysore, in the streets

samedi 8 février 2014

bye bye mysore

its time to pack to say good bye to my favorite indian town, time went fast and my internet was so slow... i did enjoy every minute here, my las day of practise was for the 108 sun salutations in front of the temple of the mysore palace. i love it. on sunday i will be in goa, for few days, so far away from mysore....