mardi 28 septembre 2010


the south of mada is very specific, dry, hot, dusty...

lundi 27 septembre 2010


i've been to the south of madagascar for a " out of time" days, no internet, nothing, just dust, sun, sea, simple peoples, good vibes and good time
i loved it!

samedi 18 septembre 2010


since yesterday, i am in madagascar, its been almots 3 years that i didn't come to this lovely country. for one day i am in tana, the capitale of the country and today i will travel to the south for e few days break befor i work in tana for a dance festival.
i am happy to be back, even if i choose to break with this country for a while.
in 3 years, poverty is even more here, so many childrens in the street! i walked in town yesterday and have dinner with my good friends, then, just read at hotel. nice to have no plans, just read..; this morning i am busy with packing, leaving in tana my suitcase and going to south with minimum..; such a big job!

vendredi 17 septembre 2010

about inside feelings when i perform

may be because i receveid some pictures form the last performance, may be because i am busy with plannings, paperworks, meetings, i was thinking about how does it feel sometimes when i am performing. it is likes if my inside was showing outside, it is like travelling in emotions from memories or some emotions what you create.
today i have to pack for going to madagascar and then to france, for performing lucy and also teach and , lucky me, for a few days off...doing yoga.
yoga is so much changing my life, changing me inside.

photos: line leclair

mardi 14 septembre 2010

art journaling 2

yesterday i had a big meeting which is changing the way of the compagn work! almost everyone was here for us to find solutions to keep on going even if the money is low, even if the project is difficult subject.
for once, i could see how much yoga and meditation ( even small steps with meditation) could change the way to deal with problems. i was in charge off " making the meeting happen" and i conduct it without bad energy, with good power into it, escaping anger or bad emotions, make everone abble to talk and it was good!
after i was tired and this morning, no way to practise, i am tired! so i went on the mat and do salutations, this is it! i found lots of help in reading blogs talking about yoga, meditation and also inspiration for me to do simple art with others blogs about art, artjournaling. it is so rich! thank to all bloggers that inspire me and also to all of you that support my expressives post by leaving comments.
here is the draw i did in my journal for ganesh's birthday

lundi 13 septembre 2010

art journaling

here is some few pages of my artjournaling. even if i am not happy with the quality or the draw, i am happy with the process of drawing or making art each day without rules, just the way its comes

vendredi 10 septembre 2010

ganesh day

the sky is grey as my heart. happy to find out it was ganesh's birthday, it did bring happyness in my mind so cloudy
i started an art journal, for now, most black and white. here is a ganesh from one of my indian's trip

jeudi 9 septembre 2010


yesterday was such a busy day! it was my 45 birthday and also we had a kazkidanse, our home performancge with red subject, art and words.
it went very well, magic. the house was perfect and there was a lot of people. even if the subject is heavy, deep, and so sad, the evenig had a nice atmosphere, between some performances outside and some indoors.
the little red dress piece was beautifull, edith performed twice, because it was full. very touching, so deep, she was great.
maux-rouges went very well and for the first time costa slamed the words for men that i wrote.
Drean was also very brillant, and her babygirl floa has been fine...
i am lucky to have such a team, it was a strong evening in new moon time.
today i am tired but positive, may be to be 45 is like a virage : a new start, life half life, time to take the good road!

lundi 6 septembre 2010


this morning i went in town for a coffee with line leclair a young photographer, native from the island. she is doing a research about womens so she took pictures of my work. on wenesday, she will bring her own video for our show.
here is a few pictures from the slam-performance maux -rouges

dimanche 5 septembre 2010

after the premiere...

it took me 2 days to get less pressure from this premiere.
there was a small audience, may be 20 personnes that we know from the little micro-work-art- business and some others artistes, friends and closed to the compagny. thanks they were here to be gentles and tenders. as i mention before, the subject is hard, as soon as i will have some pictures, i will put them online, nobody took any pictures, there was like a tension in the air.
Edith, the dancer did very well. the decor and lightings, sounds and words very precise. everyone was a bit shaky especially me. i could not say a few words and my hands were shaking when i had to press the button of the ipod! don't want to do it again, i mean press the button...
the morning and lunch time were very friendly, warm up class'es very relax, lightcheking very good. edith is very professionnal and she have an excellent bodymemory. her body is different now that she had a babyboy and she brings maturity in the work. she is a brillant dancer, very emotional.
in the audience, a few mens... more womens. after the 20 minutes of the little red dress, Drean and Joce show a second part, a poem called the purple of spirit (or mind).
it is a very sad poem. for sure, we are not showing relaxing things, we are talking about awfull subjects that everyone don't want to ear about.
after , everyone tried to talk, words are not coming and when they come, you can not say : i like it. you feel like your do'nt like it.
so here is coming this : as an artist do you want people to like your work ?
i am thinking of some comments from a young women who said : i don't like it, i d'ont like what it does to me, it is too much violent and almost true. it did contract my body, make me feel like almost seek.

so in my head, i know that the work is true. we are at the point where art can be so real.
edith is dancing alone in a white dress that become red with lighting, she draw some faces on the floor saying that she doen't like to play the doctor's game. she prefer hyde herself under the table. then, she stand up and dance because a voice told her to do it. there is music, an old disco horrible poison for the ears. she finish her dance on the sofa, a red sofa. and the hand becomes hawfull, palping her. then she takes poses, contract herself in the pose and release in the pose. repaet it more more fast, many times.
she stand up, back to the audience, taking off her top, dirty in her mind...
when she stand up, she wants to fiht to resist, mouvements are fights, music is playing, she turns some times to the audience, she jumps on the floor like if she was beatten. then she sit and do the smae pose form the sofa, on the floor.
the voice come back giveng her " adjustments"" do this , turn, faster, slower, yes better..."
she give up, staying on the floor, waiting before goind under the table...
we show only this part, not the end.. we have to work the end and make it with a touch of hope and hapinness, brings some hope is important.
here is my post, a bit like a confession about how is it after the red dress.
next performance is on wenesday, it will also be my birthday. i have to meditate for be ready and be strong.
for this work, we have to accept that audience can't smile after see it.
but we can be proud of us and be sure that we do a work that can be usefull for the society.
i really thanks the red dress team, without them, the project will not exist.

the picture is from

bangalore art museum... i took this picture in january.

jeudi 2 septembre 2010

red dress

tomorrow is the " premiere" day of our new work : the little red dress, the piece which is talking about the consequences of being abuse as a child in your full life.
it is a hard work, and the dancer, edith, did well, she does well
for me, for her, for us watching it since the beginning of the work process, it does work.
but tomorrow, some people from " outside" will see it with fresh new eyes.
what are they going to see ? same like us ? same but different ? different ?
it is a bit shaky tonight but i know in my heart, this work has a meaning, this work is strong and sad.
i don't have picture yet, so i will put one of my past draw that will be part of the show, even if i don't like this draw so much, i do'nt have enough time to do one now and taking one from the beginning is very interesting...
i hope we will have some pictures tomorow...

mercredi 1 septembre 2010

Journey to Spirit throught Art and Creativity: Wishcast Wednesday: What do you wish to begin?

Journey to Spirit throught Art and Creativity: Wishcast Wednesday: What do you wish to begin?
i wish also the best for you, love the picture


as jamie asked : what do i wish to begin ?
i wish to begin each day with peace and i wish this for everybody