samedi 30 juillet 2011

sunday @home

i like sundays at home, simple and only at home. today, all of the girls from the tetradanse team are coming for a brunch with all the babies....
i had a walk early morning and i practise, going each day a bit more forward. its feels good.
pcitures from artjournal 2

before india, art jounal 2

i've been very busy for my only week at home. before india, i took some pictures from my art journal 2
my knee is better.went back to a very slow and low practise this morning. i will keep on going slow... even with india, may be take more classes of philosophy ? reading, drawing...
let us see how it will go
pictures from art journal 2
one is aquarelle and i find it very difficult to play with watercolors
i am ore confortable with pastels or acrylics

jeudi 28 juillet 2011

knee is better

what i did : ice, aloes, patch of tiger baulm with cool effects and rest. stop all. for one day...and keep going with ice, aloes, patch... in alternative way
i started form 2 days to try myself with a meditative walk. i love it. it feets me very well, the consciens walk, very slow... like the sea coming back from far away... i have still belo in mind for inspire me...

mercredi 27 juillet 2011

mercredi, mal au genou

what do i wish to nourrish ? for now my knee is so painfull that i can't do my yoga the way i want, so i wish to nourrish more spirituality
here is a picture from belo, sout west madagascar
love the serenety

lundi 25 juillet 2011

back home, only for a week

afters 3 weeks in madagascar, i am home for only a small week. time is already going fast.i finished my second artjournal book. i like the idear of start a new one, i did not picture it that much, i have to do it before i travel again, for india... i fell like being in between.
here is some picture of majunga, where we performed lucy in a duet version, under a big baobab tree, it was very good. i dont have any picture yet to show
so i choose some piture of walls, publicity painted walls.

mardi 19 juillet 2011

now majunga

after one week in antananarivo, i am happy to be back to the coast. i liked my week , working in tana, teaching yoga and taking a workshop with bernardo montet. a french choreographer, i will say famous in the dance world..he is a thinking man. i also teach here, every morning, this time, with bernardo. i do a oft version of yoga as a training and the, we inprovise and i teach the end of the classe, as a deep relaxation.
in tana, i teached 2 classes a day, one for the dancers, one for everyone.
this mornong i felt better after practise, because of full moon, travelling, i had to make my practise shorter so i was happy to go a bit more forward today. but, here, i go to bed very late and it is hard to wake up.
majunga is at north west f madagascar, i love this town. i hope i will have time to picture and draw, for now, i dont know excatly my planning, it seems that it keeps changing each day.
here is a few picture from antananarivo, tana la belle...
i love the smile of this women,she is selling carbon wood : une charbonniere.

lundi 11 juillet 2011

back to civilisation

i don't have any pictures of antananarivo, the capital of madagascar. only pictures from the country side, may be it is a bit hard to picture this time of the year, tana - this town have a short name- is very cold and poverty is vene more hard to see each day, i will work in a very popular part of town, and one of the dancer will come to walk with me there because it is not hat safe. it took me all afternoon to change my airplane ticket, the schedule for performance had changed so i have to re organize my flight differently, today it was only talks and presentation for me. i came a lot here in tana but in winter i can just have dinner in my room if i am alone. i enjoy to stay alone in an hotelbed room, just reading, online or books, i bit of draws, chocolates...
i practise yoga today after 2 days of traveling back to civilisation
i already miss belo and this quiet place stays in my heart...
baobab's tree also

dimanche 10 juillet 2011

i love belo, south morondava, madagascar

Pourquoi j’ai aimé Belo sur mer

Il y a des destinations qui ont le goût de l’aventure, du sel, du sable et de la piste. Parmi celles que j’ai testées dans cette catégorie, Bello sur mer arrive dans les favoris.
Le voyage en mer était un poil trop long pour moi, cependant, Belo se mérite.
La grande baie, variante, ondulante en fonction des marées est un cadeau de la terre, un spectacle ephemere et permanent.
J’ai aimé belo en instantané, en un clin d’oeil.
Les 6 jours sur place sont comme un avant goût d’un temps que l’on aimerait suspendre pour longtemps, à savourer ce mode observateur que la richesse du point de vue favorise.
Chaque heure du jour a son charme propre, celui où la mer se retire est mon préfère. Ici, le temps est lent, un ralenti tendre emmène vers une décompression douce, amortie par la magie de la nature et les sourires des gens de belo.
Comment décrire cet instant gracieux ou la mer sculpte des oeuvres sableuses, ou les couleurs valsent en mirages et reflets.
Marcher, marcher encore avec cette perception d’un infini possible, au gré de la lagune découverte, on croise petits crabes et oursins de sables. Les pécheurs semblent si loin.
Les enfants, ramasseurs de coquillages ou de concombres de mers sourient, saluent de loin. Ils chantent gaiement.
La plage, aux eaux retirées, est comme une terre promise où chacun est absorbé dans sa quête, de pêche ou de paix.
Belo se mérite et c’est tant mieux.
La pointe de cette presqu’île sableuse, entre la mer et la mangrove est depuis peu transformée en camping alternatif, avec bungalows indépendants qu ‘on peut louer au mois, ça donne des envies de résidences suspendues dans ce territoire propice à la créativité qui semble s’inspirer de la serenite du lieu.
L’endroit idéal pour un stage de yoga… Next year. Belo, je reviendrais prendre le temps pour te connaître mieux et pour me laisser bercer au rythme de tes marées…
i just loved belo, near morondava, madagascar because it was so peacefull, so full of energy. i felt free and light. i think, it will be here that i will come for do my mandala with pranayama...

samedi 2 juillet 2011

before travel, packing

some days i pack easly, never when i travel to madagascar with a mixt project :
one week of holidays, far away from all, wit no computer, just life... and two weeks for teaching, dance worshops, yoga worshops. with Gaby, the malagasy choreographer who invite me, we also gonna perform Lucy together, as a duet. it will be the first lucy's duet.
my suit case is closed. too much things i know it. i took lots of clothes with the idear of giving them to sone friends or people i will meet. it is always welcomme and appreciate.
i want to push myself to draw more there. and to yoga more, and so many littles things , i wil say, walks...just this land with this empty time, free time, simple time.
what i know : madagascar is always surprising and unespected.
here are a few pages of number 3...