mardi 31 août 2010

little doodle

right now, my time is full, my mind is on tension.
i did get some very agressive email from work ( not the artists, work on stage is fine) and i had to use all my yoga for stay out of answering with the same anger. some times life makes you improves what you are working on intimatly.
but i am sure of one thing, i am on the good way! i know it will need some adjustments for making it. so i dive into yoga for learn patience and humility
i dive into meditation for keep peace inside when i get affraid of people using power, abusing of power...
when i start blogging, i did make this choice : no more abusing situations around me. no more space for power. bad power. bad used power.
since a few month, i do practise as much as i can meditation, relaxation and for sure ashthanga yoga, i can see, feel the change in me, around me, how with concentration and perseverance, vigilance and courage ; yes, we can have a chance to change our lives!
and this is good , even if some days we have to go more deep to make it alive...
i dont know if my english writting is expressing exactly what i tru to mean.
but i know, that this space of expressing is rich, i thank you all, for your blogs that i follow, so inspiring
when i am so much into work, i have less time for art, so i doodle.
last picture of my garden, just for fun

lundi 30 août 2010

thinking of travel

here is it again, this thinking of travelling... i am thinking of a world tour
its so good to dream...
here is my cat, at home...

dimanche 29 août 2010

sunday yoga

my sunday yoga was great, just my own way, foccus on breath for monring practise, foccus on breath when i took a walk into sugarcanne, foccus on breath when i hang out in the garden, foccus on breath for evenig practise and meditation!
its work! i tell you, i feel better like is my art of the day : my garden

vendredi 27 août 2010

the little red dress

for two weeks, i 've been working on the residency aroud the "little red dress " concept. the little red dress is a short story i wrote about a girl abused and about the suffer that is in your life when you have been abused as a child.
it is a tiring subject.
each morning, i start with a class, about floor work, in slow motion, followed by a choice of yoga postures for back bending. it is amazing how everyone did progresse in 10 days.
each days, th " dancers" are coming to the class but each day there is also others peoples coming for sharin the work. some of the women did some "art pieces" around the little red dress subject.
for the week end, i will be happy to stay home, resting, may be find time for drawing or doing collage. going to the beach, take a walk.
here is the flyer for the residency
for this flyer, we used the photoshopwork of valerie gruber, an artist i like, she is always coming for the yoga class

mercredi 25 août 2010


as jamie asked : how do you wish to spend some time ?
good question, because, right now i feel like i don't have enough time...
i wish to spend more time on working on meditation, more time for yoga, more time for art.
i wish to spend time with no schedule
i wish to spend time doing garden or going to the beach
i wish to everyone to have more personnal time for be in the nature

mardi 24 août 2010

find my way

i am busy, for sure, it is real life! being busy is ok. i have to find my way to keep space for art! without it, i feel a bit poor.
even if i had a socail dinner yesterday, i went back to practise this morning; focusing on breathing. i did not do all my series but choose a few postures ( let say i did more than half of the first serie and few postures for baskbending) and it felt good
be at home is real time for struggle with your own practise

dimanche 22 août 2010

lucy out

this picture is also strong, sometimes i don't see myself...

samedi 21 août 2010

lucy outside

it was a strnage feeling to perform outside, very specific. it needs to be rework and more organise, even if the team of th town ( animation section not so much culture...) did his best, it did miss some small things for make it even better. i really appreciate that some friends came to see me again, they saw this piece, for some of them , many times. i did like that the children talks to me or play, and came at the end for me to put them make up on their arms.
i also like that the audience was not prepared at all for my abstract proposal.
it was great to have almost all my team here.
it makes my head busy, thinking of how to change little details for make it great for the street and propose it for street's festivals.
i di enjoy it, it was scary, difficult, i lost my focus in the beginning because people came and talk to me just before perform but after 3 mn i was ok, focus on how the space was, focu on the people when i could catch there eyes, focus on my mouvements, my ewpression.
in the morning i did prepare myself with a '45 mn yoga session, a walk in sugarcanne with the dogs ( 30mn) a meditation session 30mn.
after i warm up one hour before perform, 25mn of make up and go!
tonight, i am at home, and my head is busy, so busy by the piece, the after piece release
thanks to Gwenola for her pictures!

vendredi 20 août 2010


today i will perform lucy in a public garden
first time!!!!

jeudi 19 août 2010

preparing lucy

from tomorow i have to prepare myself for performing lucy, for the first time outside , in a public garden.
i need to be focus and ready.
since the begin of the week, i teach 2 or 3 classes a day, it is very challenging, all classes are different. i enjoy the process of this residency time
today, Sandrine ( one of the pregnant lucy- now she is not anymore pregnant...) came for her first class and i was teaching with the baby, she slept quickly, it was nice for everyone. the residency is very open, and quiet with quality work. and some happy faces, smiling, Edith ( the first pregnant lucy...) is so happy to dance, her babyboy is big now and she enjoy to be abble to be back to work...
but from tomorow, i will have to find time to run my lucy once!

mercredi 18 août 2010

yoga and more

from this week end, i can organise my time for be abble to practise, between teaching floor work mouvement class, rehearsals, teaching yoga.. and the normal life..
i really appreciate to find this time for my personnal practise even if it is not the same everyday, even if i have to make choices for making it. like going to bed early for wake up so early, reduce social-life, reduce drawing, cutting papers and glue it...
i am sure i am on the good road.
i like to work near my own house. i like the team for this residency! so rich! so creative; i am lucky to work in good options and conditions.
it does alowed to focus and experimente new things.
i am lucky to have meet yoga in my life because i can feel how much it does help for be better. i am also lucky to be abble to share it.

samedi 14 août 2010

yoga at home

today, my practise was better, on the growing way. i also did 3 mudras and start to meditate. meditation is so abstract and also so real because i can feel the benefit as soon as i do it. but i am sure, i need to learn, to practise, to find space for practise any time.
yoga as anytime is tea time.
everyday i can see how much yoga helps me when i am lost, when emotions are becoming tense.
i have so much to learn for be a yogini!
sometimes my life seems so far from yoga.
i read some blogspot about yoga in everyday life, it did helps me to see that so many people are having the same experience
they have yoga on their roads.

vendredi 13 août 2010


i want to find my way back to yoga life. it is so easy when you are in mysore. but, here, back home, it is a struggle. which time should i wake up when i go to bed so late ?how can i feel yogy when work is all about stress ? today, i was suppose to do so many things, being out! and i stayed home, i will stay home until my next work ( on monday) working on myself for find my home yoga way again, so different from india. each time i will try to save more time for yoga. i have too if i want to keep feeling the benefit of it. because i know it, when the practise is strong, you feel strong.
i really have to feel strong here! now! even if life here send me to so many questions.
i am sure that it is on the yoga road that i will find a few answers

mercredi 11 août 2010

back on yoga road

i am back on yoga road, really thinking that it is my priority, i should not lost it but make it even stronger
yoga is my only way to be and feel good
here is a reactive post after festival
La bourse et le concours

Dans ma vie d’artiste, j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir expérimenter diverses situations pour partager mon art. Et je m’en réjouis, je n’oublie pas que c’est une chance.
Parfois l’appellation, le choix des mots semblent sans importance au départ, on s’enthousiasme à l’idée de participer, d’être là lors d’une manifestation de grande envergure. A l’arrivée,sans avoir besoin de lire entre les lignes, les termes changent selon les lieux, les jours. Termes qui souvent s’entrecoupent se superposent, s’enchaînent, s’annulent en cas de pluie.
Faut-il parler de concert , de show, ou de spectacle ?
Faut-il dire diffusion, ou jouer , partager ?
Faut-il comptabilisé le public ou les entrées ?
Quantifier ? participer ? ou impliquer , sensibiliser ?
Est ce que tout doit avoir un prix ? un coût ? ou une valeur , un sens ?
Persévérance , créativité, vigilance, détachement , action ou business , marché, capital potentiel et force de vente ?
Etre selectionné à un concours ou candidat pour une demande de bourse ?
Avoir un prix ou y mettre le prix ?
Rentrer dans un marché où être libre de chercher ?
Je choisis mon chemin, celui de la recherche pour créer.
La bourse ou la vie ?
La vie !

where do i want to send some love

whera do i wish to send some love, as jamie ask's i wish to sens some love to india

mardi 10 août 2010

still no peace

i dont find peace yet, still some disapointement, and anger! i dont like it when energy is becoming negative! i have to transform it again, but it will come back slowly, after disgestion of this festival, very heavy and hard to carry! that is how i feel when i think of it, i am lucky : another part of me reminds me that no emergency in the "stage or artistick world" emergency is only when life is in danger, this is not any danger to feel disapointed after a vrey hudge work did end up with cancelation... in one or two days, brain and body will be abble to find themselves again.
good to learn : patience! perseverrance and courage : life is so good! no way to spoil it with work!

lundi 9 août 2010

back home after 6 days of festival

i am back home, after 7 days with no life at all. only work, only stress. after 5 days, no more time to do yoga, finish to work between 2 or 3 am, starting work at 6 am. no more sleep, and the rain came to spoil all. the main street of the town was close for the festival, it could had be so fun! everything was ready! the rain, the wind were too strong!
it is hard to work so hard for a cancellation because all the rain. 5 outsides stages, 150 artistes and a TV direct for RFO local tv, a radio direct for FRANCE INTER. too heavy but i did it.because even with a cancellation, you learn. for work, about yourself see all those artists, all the team, all the audience so desapointed is not nice!
today my body is still tense, can't rest at all, same for my mind, for my nerves
where is my yoga ? where ?
here in me and it will be back as soon as tomorow.