samedi 21 août 2010

lucy outside

it was a strnage feeling to perform outside, very specific. it needs to be rework and more organise, even if the team of th town ( animation section not so much culture...) did his best, it did miss some small things for make it even better. i really appreciate that some friends came to see me again, they saw this piece, for some of them , many times. i did like that the children talks to me or play, and came at the end for me to put them make up on their arms.
i also like that the audience was not prepared at all for my abstract proposal.
it was great to have almost all my team here.
it makes my head busy, thinking of how to change little details for make it great for the street and propose it for street's festivals.
i di enjoy it, it was scary, difficult, i lost my focus in the beginning because people came and talk to me just before perform but after 3 mn i was ok, focus on how the space was, focu on the people when i could catch there eyes, focus on my mouvements, my ewpression.
in the morning i did prepare myself with a '45 mn yoga session, a walk in sugarcanne with the dogs ( 30mn) a meditation session 30mn.
after i warm up one hour before perform, 25mn of make up and go!
tonight, i am at home, and my head is busy, so busy by the piece, the after piece release
thanks to Gwenola for her pictures!
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