mercredi 18 août 2010

yoga and more

from this week end, i can organise my time for be abble to practise, between teaching floor work mouvement class, rehearsals, teaching yoga.. and the normal life..
i really appreciate to find this time for my personnal practise even if it is not the same everyday, even if i have to make choices for making it. like going to bed early for wake up so early, reduce social-life, reduce drawing, cutting papers and glue it...
i am sure i am on the good road.
i like to work near my own house. i like the team for this residency! so rich! so creative; i am lucky to work in good options and conditions.
it does alowed to focus and experimente new things.
i am lucky to have meet yoga in my life because i can feel how much it does help for be better. i am also lucky to be abble to share it.
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