lundi 9 août 2010

back home after 6 days of festival

i am back home, after 7 days with no life at all. only work, only stress. after 5 days, no more time to do yoga, finish to work between 2 or 3 am, starting work at 6 am. no more sleep, and the rain came to spoil all. the main street of the town was close for the festival, it could had be so fun! everything was ready! the rain, the wind were too strong!
it is hard to work so hard for a cancellation because all the rain. 5 outsides stages, 150 artistes and a TV direct for RFO local tv, a radio direct for FRANCE INTER. too heavy but i did it.because even with a cancellation, you learn. for work, about yourself see all those artists, all the team, all the audience so desapointed is not nice!
today my body is still tense, can't rest at all, same for my mind, for my nerves
where is my yoga ? where ?
here in me and it will be back as soon as tomorow.
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