dimanche 31 octobre 2010


last year, i started to blog, and i found this project : Art Everyday of the Month. it was great and so helpfull because i was on depression. yhis year i am much better, may be too busy but i did went out of depression with yoga and art : everyday! no matter how small it is, no matter how short some days it is. i do both. for yoga, i , sometimes, don't practise 2 days in a week, somedays , my yoga is small : salutations and breathing, meditation only 10mn but each day, it does good to me so i keep on going;
everyday i do art : somedays doodles in meetings only but i will say 5 days a week i do something, it could be a simple draw, or cutting paper or markbooks and , now, from 8 september i do art journaling as a base. i really like it. and found it more and more deep.so i thanks this blogger's land to give space for sharing and by sharing learning about humanity

vendredi 29 octobre 2010

week end and satruday morning for rest

this morning : no yoga, even if i could not stay in bed ( waking up so early is a strong habbit, even when you want to sleep you don't)
3 days at home, hope for garden time, beach time, drawing time
so no more hope : i will do thoses littles things that makes me feel better!
even if works is here to be done!
somedays i wish i could stop working for a while, especially when i read bloggers who got some much time to go around the yoga world and learn, learn, learn.
i gess the best thing i have to learn is PATIENCE.
i really enjoy to read some yogablog it does help me to keep on going alone on my mat.
i do appreciate to read art blog because it gives me motivation to keep publishing

mercredi 27 octobre 2010


today i was tired, bad sleeps, lots of agitation so my practise of yoga was short! instead i took picture of my art journaling, this process is really helping me to keep on going, accept that life is always changing and there is so much surprises!
with art journaling, i enjoy to play with pen ink, pastels and print...

lundi 25 octobre 2010

so busy

i feel like being the white rabbit of alice, always late and running after time. i keep almost an hour of yoga each morning and everyday i can " a meditation" short time around tea time!
to art journaling is also a good element to keep a way out of stress

samedi 23 octobre 2010

go to art

each time i feel like i have no time, i concentrate even more for the few minutes i have for art. november is coming, it will be one year that i blog and i really really enjoy it. this is some artjournal pages

vendredi 22 octobre 2010

full moon

last month i saw a beautifull full moon when i was into south of madagascar, each full moon, i take 5 minutes for watch it, so spectacular some days


it is time for me to be very busy, working on writing the year project for the dance compagny, meeting peoples... i found peace days when i can practise yoga, teach or be in the dancestudio. since last year, i started to art. art journaling in the idear of art everyday, artjournaling now for real in a very small notebook. dooddling all the time. or drawing my foot... it does bring me peace as well. i want to go deep more into it.
i am happy to blog my art and i want to thanks all of you, the one that having a stop on my blog.
it is nice to have art to share

mercredi 20 octobre 2010

art journaling pages

some of my art journaling pages that i did when i was travelling...pictures are taken with the phone, quality is not so good...

mardi 19 octobre 2010

back home

finaly i am back home after a full month between two countries, performing lucy.
in france lucy worked very well, as same as mary-jane ( a solo from the marry me project, performed by valérie cros. she did work with me for a long time but moved to france. guess what , she is pregnant...)it was successfull. i also did model for a painting and drawing class, in lucy. it was very nice, i will asked some of the students that i have the contact if they can send some pictures of theirs works... my parents came to see one performance , it was in the mountains, in a beautifull house with no others houses around. and it did snow. it was for me very nice to see and feel some snow before i go back to my island.
back home, i pent all day unpacking.my heart is still in france, it was hard to say good mye to the all family. we did spend so much time with them. enjoying.
this is a picture of an old house i like there, in france...
it will take me two days to be back to my real life... i hope to have enough time to picture some of my artjournaling pages...

mardi 12 octobre 2010


i am a bit sick, having a cold form the forest but still enjoy to go everyday to the forest
sorry for all my friends i don't have internet here, i have to go to the next door house so i don't have any time for visit blogs

samedi 9 octobre 2010


i am in france, with all family no time for blogging
see you soon, i will be back, between 2 meals, i will perform lucy...

mardi 5 octobre 2010


i am very lazy in terms of art or for yoga, it is like if madagascar makes me tired, may be it was to see so much poverty, so much childrens in the streets
for now, resting a little at my parents 's house, having nothing special to do, thinking...
here is a picture i took from my hotel's room in Tana!

lundi 4 octobre 2010

in france

after the work on itrotra festival, i am in france for a short time, visiting family...
i enjoyed to work in Tana, lots of good dancers and good vibes, no time for drawing but lots of nice meetings
it was hard to go away but here i am in another style of travel, bye bye mada, will be back soon