mardi 19 octobre 2010

back home

finaly i am back home after a full month between two countries, performing lucy.
in france lucy worked very well, as same as mary-jane ( a solo from the marry me project, performed by valérie cros. she did work with me for a long time but moved to france. guess what , she is pregnant...)it was successfull. i also did model for a painting and drawing class, in lucy. it was very nice, i will asked some of the students that i have the contact if they can send some pictures of theirs works... my parents came to see one performance , it was in the mountains, in a beautifull house with no others houses around. and it did snow. it was for me very nice to see and feel some snow before i go back to my island.
back home, i pent all day heart is still in france, it was hard to say good mye to the all family. we did spend so much time with them. enjoying.
this is a picture of an old house i like there, in france...
it will take me two days to be back to my real life... i hope to have enough time to picture some of my artjournaling pages...
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