dimanche 31 octobre 2010


last year, i started to blog, and i found this project : Art Everyday of the Month. it was great and so helpfull because i was on depression. yhis year i am much better, may be too busy but i did went out of depression with yoga and art : everyday! no matter how small it is, no matter how short some days it is. i do both. for yoga, i , sometimes, don't practise 2 days in a week, somedays , my yoga is small : salutations and breathing, meditation only 10mn but each day, it does good to me so i keep on going;
everyday i do art : somedays doodles in meetings only but i will say 5 days a week i do something, it could be a simple draw, or cutting paper or markbooks and , now, from 8 september i do art journaling as a base. i really like it. and found it more and more deep.so i thanks this blogger's land to give space for sharing and by sharing learning about humanity
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