dimanche 25 septembre 2011


it was a very dancing sunday party for opening of the itrotra festival, in madagascar. i enjoyed to be with all of those artists even if , some time i get a bit stress with this kind of day. but today it was easy.
may be easy is starting to be something in my life.
today i felt like i can start to say yes, after all the no i said into past.
et c'est tres agreable de se dire qu a partir de maintenant, je m'autorise a dire oui.
here is a picture of me at rehearsal for this newe work called MOI choregraphie de Gaby saranouffi

vendredi 23 septembre 2011

my little road

each day, when i am in tana, i take this road for teaching...
record this part today with my cell phone

mardi 20 septembre 2011

going to mada, now

tomorow, very early , i will go to madagascar, the trip is for work, it seems to be not really ready. very busy those days but id took time this past week end for collage, here is picture from collage.
j'ai aime prendre ce temps sans sortir de chez moi ce week end, e aujourd'hui, j'ai besoin de ces espaces chez moi, to talement chez moi pour creer a partir d'images, de mots. jai besoin de ces espaces non fumeurs, sans humeur ou presque
j'aime la sensattion d'habiller de la recup, de refaire vivre un objet du quotidien a ma sauce du jour, tres rose ces collages, avec les inscriptions en japonais...
ce sera plus dur d'etre non fumeuse a madagascar

samedi 17 septembre 2011

more lonely , more arty

i use this time alone at home differently, it is becoming more arty, slowly.yoga is taking more time, for myself, i practise more and for others, i teach more
i also make it more present in daily life. today is very grey, a bit of sadness, i will seat on it, and meditate. i just did it now, before lunch.
art journal# 3

mercredi 14 septembre 2011


each wenesday i try to answer to jamie ridler on her wishcating project
today it is about guidance
i was not sure what guidance could exactly mean so i read others blogs
i wish a guidance for get more inspired in my arty life
i wish a guidance for compassion
the good light on life can really change it
picture from my artjournal # 3

dimanche 11 septembre 2011

at home full day

i stayed home, full day, cooking, practising, practising, practising
so great.
i eat more since i have stop smoking, getting extra fat on the hips.
i cooked as much as i practiced.
picture from garden

jeudi 8 septembre 2011


today i am 46
it is new,it is vague
here are some picture of CORNERED, thos pictures are the one of sandrine ebrard.

mercredi 7 septembre 2011

which path do i wish to follow ?

as jamie ask i will answer yoga.
each day i can see how much it does put me on the right path, the one for me, the one what did change my life
each day i can see yoga is becoming more present in my life, just need to give it space and then, it works.
so , i choose , i wish to follow the yoga path.

jeudi 1 septembre 2011

work ...

i am back into work, already performed CORNERED an old piece that i did adapt to me now... it was nice since i came home, i am not very arty. no draws.no reading
working and stop smoking, teaching and normal life is my everyday life.
i don't feel like socialize that much, i will say , i feel like stay quiet at home, and i like it
here is a picture of the tetradanse team, so funky-funny, it was the day when we did a short movie about many hands cooking a tarte tatin