vendredi 30 novembre 2012

last day aedm

i have so much work right now that i feel like having many lifes. and i smoke again, i failed it again. 4 days of smoking. i have headache but i smoke bakc because november is each year my worst month , too much work but this time, i tried to put yoga into it, and it works, its make it funky, i found a way to stress a bit less. teaching yoga is a big part of it, find more peace each teach each day. i present my next work today to hard partners but i did well so i am blessfull. blessfull also for art everyday of the month it is challenging, exiting skys are inspiring me, each day they give me a chance to look forward, power of light

mercredi 28 novembre 2012

aedm 28

very busy day pakret's laundry anda picture i love, took it on sunday, in front of my house

mardi 27 novembre 2012

so tired, aedm 27

i am just so tired, too much work absolutely no time for nothing else, beside teaching yoga, and my morning practise : walk and yoga almos equal time for each this week i will perform pakret, here so few pictures of pakret

samedi 24 novembre 2012

AEDM 25, sunday...

c est un dimanche tres calme apres la semaine activee par Pakret et par des emotions en dents de scies. like between yes and no, up and down i have to work but i feel like being lazy besoin de repos... Pakret's pictures....@ stdenis, reunion island

mardi 20 novembre 2012

aedm 20, poeme,

En dehors En dehors de toi, Je redeviens sauvage J ai cicatrise Integration des maux Pour vivre mieux Un present ou le temps Laisse une empreinte ferme Sur mon visage J aime rever au tien De ces instants partages Ou j ai effleure ta peau Soupirs partages En hors saison loins de nos realites poles palpitants En dehors de nous. Au dela du temps j ai ecrit ce poeme d un trait, comme chaque fois. j'aimerai avoir des mots plus gais. etre insouciante et sensuelle, feminine sans le noir au coeur. je le deviens et j aimerai avoir l'ivresse de le partarger un peu si mes poenes sont un peu tristes, noirs et romantiques, j apprecie le changement en moi, j aime devenir cette femme differente.j aime experimenter la progression. je la sens dans le yoga, dans la marche dans la cours.. j ai besoin de ce challenge de me mettre a courir pour eviter la poesie, accepeter mieux la routine, le manque charnel.. i love running

lundi 19 novembre 2012

aedm 19

tonight, i am very tired and i look back to my day to see the creative part. it was a busy day , wake up 5 am big walk, yoga, yoga classe, office, writing of official and boaring stuffs, i would love better writing poetry... yoga again, rain, rain, may be the rain was my creative time, it sen me to nostalgia, to sorrow. i am positive, observing with as much as i can inside peace facing my daily life. no smoking is a creative time, looking changes in my body is creative, yoga and walks are so creative, theay are my best.. thanks AEDM concept to make me realize how much creative time i have each day here is pitaya's flowers from my garden and on from my early morning walk... i love them as flowers and after as delicious fruits

samedi 17 novembre 2012

funky photos, aedm 17

it is a few days that i really wake up early, so i am like jetlagging with lots of people i love the morning sky but for a change i took some pictures for our funky project, this is my next year dance project, even if we did one shot in november, the funcky team is ver nice i enjoy to work on this project today my husband went to madagascar, i am alone at home, i did run today, and now i was crying and it is also good to cry some days. i am still no smoking, i took 3 kilos but it is ok one year before i was crying so much like very depress, now depression is gone, i am happy with simple things , i enjoy my life in a very different and creative way the yoga way

mardi 13 novembre 2012

aedm 13, skys

my arty part is yo walk, today it was a very hard day at work, so i walked twice morning and evening here is the morning sky, so powerfull, so creative i loved the evening sky but i didn't take the camera today so i will do it next time same time, when i walk ear;ier te sky is not as beautifull as today, i mean for the evening sky i am in love with mornings skys

samedi 10 novembre 2012

la pluie du dimanche, bon anniversaire Maman

un week end pluvieux est un bon moyen pour plonger dans la lenteur, la melancolie. ce temps gris me pousse vers des questions, je dirais meme des remises en question. comme ce mois de novembre est penible, il faut faire des bilans, se projeter sur 2013, il faut plonger plus loin en soi pour avancer encore, malgre les manques si humains de la permanente insatisfaction la route du yoga est longue. a faire du bilan, je peux me le dire ; j ai progresse dans ce detachement si utile pour mieux vivre. il y a un an je pleurais un etrange chagrin, il y a 3 ans aussi, grace a ce travail sur moi, grace a ce chemin de yoga, grace a ce blog ou j'ai pu jouer avec l art, la creativite, grace a AEDM, je me sens encore plus vivante. ce changement est positif, je sais que certains chagrins peuvent enfin devenir des souvenirs, du passe. je sais etre bien dans mon present malgre ces petites insastifactions du quotidien. c est l anniversaire de ma maman. et je pense a elle en ce jour gris, en ce jour ou la nostalgie s'accompagne de serenite positive.


rainy rainy for a saturday may be it is the best for me to rest an be arty here a few more pictures of the Pakret at high school and an early morning sky

jeudi 8 novembre 2012

pakret au lycee, AEDM 8

yesterday we performed our pakret's dance project with high school teenagers it was great and creative, very creative, it was my arty part of the day

lundi 5 novembre 2012


nothing arty besides my early morning walk.. i do my artjournaling before faling into a deep sleep. running, wake up so early this is my actual creativity, to wake up so early makes me feel in an different atmosphere, like a parralel world. i like it, even if i feel a bit different, because wake up early means less social life. i do enjoy this early mornings road.. it goes with age ?

samedi 3 novembre 2012


yesterday i start a new thing : running, i run 32 mn for my first time a felt like a champion, youhou, great sensations as an arty thing i am recor=vering notebooks with images and glue... but my early sky is still my favorite arty spirit

vendredi 2 novembre 2012


early mornings sky are the powerfull guideslines for my dayly happinness. those early walks are so benefics, they bring me in a better mood


i had no time for be arty unless this early morning walk, so early that the lights are specific, for me like a painting, this early time is always very riche and mentaly creative

jeudi 1 novembre 2012

art every day of the month

i love this chalenge today i did some collages but my head is in this one, the Pakret 's one the first flyer for my work PAKRET... happy to be part of this challenge, it saves my life one year...