lundi 30 avril 2012

premier mai

le premier mai est une date particuliere pour moi, celle de l'anniversaire de ma rencontre avec mon le remercie. je savoure seule ce moment, propice a la pensee du temps.27 ans de chemins communs.whaouh. des l'aube, j'ai marche, au travers des champs de canne, comme on traverse ce annees. je suis nostalgique, est ce que la nostalgie grandit avec l'age ? depuis quelques jours, je visite ce pays de tristesse ,en pointille, qui se cache au fond de nos coeurs. j'ai hate de visiter le territoire de la joie pour embellir ma vision du quotidien. chaque jour, je veille a prendre plaisir a photographier le ciel, le jardin, les amies qui viennent chez moi pour le yoga, avec cette idee de celebrer la lumiere, la beaute evidente de ce quotidien, pour etre dans le present. sans projection. dur labeur, cette recherche du bonheur....

vendredi 27 avril 2012


Feu luisant Il y a des soirs Ou la peau tire Malgré la constance D’un chemin droit devant Vers ce futur Ou flotte encore le goût De tes lèvres. D’un feu luisant Je sens mon cœur S’illuminer, À rêver D’un regard croise En route haute Palpitante d’une danse inachevée. Je me surprends subitement A t’aimer doucement.

jeudi 26 avril 2012

and i smoke again

today, it was raining, i di a good practise but everything went wrong in a way with the rain today it was the performance in high school with the guys,a nd with sandrine and yann my close artists friends finally we had fun, with the rain. but is smoke again

mardi 24 avril 2012

pakret in high school with high school guys

with sandrine , my friend we are working on pakret in high school with high school guy i love this project

dimanche 22 avril 2012

tobacco free

tobacco free is like a full time job, with hours where you hate it...but most of hours i love it i love it because : - i smell better -taste better -smell others and everything very truely - i have so much energy but i need a bit of extra help, like like, like some holidays, far from stress and all. i say this but i was in india for 3 months and there i was still smoking. i like to stop here. in my real life. the way it is. real life is so real some days. today the morning sky was juste gorgeous happy sunday every one

mercredi 18 avril 2012


as jamie akesd today on her wiscating project
where do i wish to go ?
i wish to go to india for study more about india
i wish to go each day walk into sugarcanne land just because i love it
i wish to go to miribel's forest, in france because it is my favorite
i wish to go to canada
i wish to go, feel the travel

lundi 16 avril 2012

still on the non smoking world

even if i did not have time to come on the blog, even if i still have some days where i need to work more on myself because emotions are getting very on zig zag.
i get angry, stress but i still don't smoke.
today, is a very hard day, with anger. here it is difficult tor practice detachement, because, facing death, i have some anger to work on.
today, we lost a very special good friend, died from cancer.
i called his wife, it was so hard, wit the distance, not be there, with them .
today, i felt it hard to not smoking.
today i found life hard, but i will keep on going, helping my friend valerie to fight againts a cancer.
i will walk early morning foccus on power of light, meditate on mys friends. with love for travel with them, here for valerie, somewherw else for serge.
i pray for his wife and his 4 childrens.
i pray for all of us

lundi 9 avril 2012

strange effects

i have to face it , stop smoking tobacco is hard but quickly good. after 2 days, already i smell so much better and eraly morning my tongue is less heavy.
ok, there is actually some stranges sides effects :
like hilarious times with no reason to laught but still laught, or i feel like having something in the mouth all time, i get very fast irritate by people that i dont like that much... i loose a bit of patience, but i have a very good energy, very smily and happy days...
so i keep on going to tobacco free.
realy mornings pictures

samedi 7 avril 2012

about smoking

some days i can stay almost without smoking,but as soon as i get stress with work, i do smoke a lot, so i try to quit again, hard job but i have to say it, i feel and smell much better when i don t smoke
hope to find help and motivation into yoga

mercredi 4 avril 2012


Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to experience? as jaimie asked i will answer i wish to experience more yoga i do experience it and i just feel like going more deep into it

happy to be at home

i am very happy to be at home, to work on the teaching, to teach, and keep my practise. i also walk early morning with dogs, enjoying this time, working on enjoying each little part of my day. and , so far it works, to take all in positive