lundi 16 avril 2012

still on the non smoking world

even if i did not have time to come on the blog, even if i still have some days where i need to work more on myself because emotions are getting very on zig zag.
i get angry, stress but i still don't smoke.
today, is a very hard day, with anger. here it is difficult tor practice detachement, because, facing death, i have some anger to work on.
today, we lost a very special good friend, died from cancer.
i called his wife, it was so hard, wit the distance, not be there, with them .
today, i felt it hard to not smoking.
today i found life hard, but i will keep on going, helping my friend valerie to fight againts a cancer.
i will walk early morning foccus on power of light, meditate on mys friends. with love for travel with them, here for valerie, somewherw else for serge.
i pray for his wife and his 4 childrens.
i pray for all of us
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