jeudi 30 décembre 2010

bye bye 2010

today i wake up early and i am amolst where i wanted to be, i mean with yoga, only 3 postures missing for primary, with vinyasa between each side... 2010 was a difficult year so i am happy and ready for the change.
what i did good in 2010 ? i started meditation, i spent more time with my family, started art journaling and work very hard!!! yes, i want to be positive!
for next year my goal is to stop smoking! and i know it will be hard but such a big step. only 7 cigarettes left for today!!!!
thanks for all of you who read my blog, it is such a great feeling to have comments
please for all of you : enjoy 2011!
tonight nothing special is plan but for first day of the year i will be on my mat for a full primary!!!! yes! because since my lawer back injury it was just so hard to get it back! motivation!
here's so pages of my art journaling


mardi 28 décembre 2010

the card for wishes

finally, the wishes' card is like this!
for a few days, i feel agitate, i mean like grhhrhahggrhharrr
i have to push myself for thinking positive
so far, i am back to my morning practice and i maintain meditation ( a little in the morning, little more on afternoon)
i am still smoking!!!
for all of you, enjoy holidays

samedi 25 décembre 2010


with my daughter we did some chrismas collage! for chrismas, the rain was here!!!!
no yoga on xmas day, hard to get beck today after all those foods and champagne
on the picture: our favorite chair with details

jeudi 23 décembre 2010

merry x-mas

i wish you all a merry x-mas, enjoy this family time

mardi 21 décembre 2010

holiday's feeling

there is a feeling of holidays at home! with those young adults around, the house is different. i am very happy to have my big daughter at home, she is so creative and positive; poor girl, she is so white that as soon as she goes into sun, she is becoming red.
they are so different my 2 girls!!! astrid ( the older one) is cool, very peace and love
and zoé, the small one is so " bimbo" i mean she is our top model!!! what is nice about them, it is that they are very close to each other.

those few days i don't sleep well, i try to feel in holidays but my brain is still so busy, thinking of the application form we have to do next week for get funding from town for the dance compagny.
i used walks, meditation and yoga for make it better.
i am still smoking, i know it is going to be hard jobe to get off tobacco
this morning, the moon was still up when i wake up, took 2 pictures with my cellphone

dimanche 19 décembre 2010

full moon and meditation

for the full moon, i started to write on a meditation journal, for help me to go more deep into the practise. no yoga this morning, i took a walk with the dogs in the sugarcanne trying to keep on saying mantras but my mind was going everywhere
after, i seat in half lotus and stay 15 mn on meditate with mantras and mala. it is nice to make something new.all before breakfast! and for breakfast i had a dragon fruit also called pitaya: i love the taste and the color: so pinky
today is celebration of freedom = no more slavery.
it brings me a question: from what do i am slave ? i will say tobacco!!! i HAVE TO STOP SMOKING

samedi 18 décembre 2010

listen to details from hasard

this sunday morning, i am alone at home. i woke up very early after a bad night with nightmares! went to yogamat for a slow coming back, when , last week i went too fast, pain was back!!! i enjoyed my salutations and the 10 postures after, enjoyed more the breathing, the foccus, the brain into it.
then i did small usual things..; i was hesitating to go to the beach because the sky is not that blue.. but i said to myself, push yourself big mamma!!!!! stop to be unsocial and lazzy : beach is ALWAYS good! ok, put on an uglly old beddinsuit and on the way to the car! but the car did not start at all! went back home and be even more lazzy! this is my day , in the garden and cooking will be the only thing to do, read and draw as a relax topic, yoga as much as i can!

vendredi 17 décembre 2010


i worked too much and my lawerback is giving me hell, so i had to reduce yoga again, facing stress with meetings for get fundings for work next year's project. on friday, the last meeting , where i eared that i have to re-write all in a different way!
but for now: one week of holidays, 7 days for being at home with my daugthers and going to the beach, cooking, may be do some art..
i have to choose a picture for the new year card for the dance company, i don't like it forma and i was thinking of this one.
what do you think ?

mercredi 15 décembre 2010

art journaling

today, i spend some time with my daughter, after office's work, she is back from australia and it is very nice to be together, we did a collage on a chair , i also did collage for her, back to her room before she left for university in sydney.
i took some pictures and i will post them tomorow
for today, few pages from my art journal, those pages are here for a few days because i was too busy and i did not have time to do any art
this morning, i woke up at 5-30 am and my practise is becoming better, even if my lawer back is still very stiff. i did almost all first serie and before finishing asanas i did shalabasana, dhunarasana and the diamond posture , i am not sure of the name: virsjasana
it was nice to start again to feel the effect of almost the series, i did not do kurmasa yet and any lotus but i am on my way back. end of afternoon i also did 20mn meditation and 10 breath of pranayama!!!! yes!
i am reading lots of yoga's blog and i hope some bloggers will exchange with me because it will be good to feel support on yoga's road. when i write this, i feel a bit selfish.. and i know inside that help will come from me, only from my heart and my motivation have to keep high even if i practise alone, until i will be lucky enough to be on a group class! gess what: i miss mysore so much

lundi 13 décembre 2010

trio's lucy at the beach for school

yesterday we did our last performance of the year, at the beach for a school programme! it was nice atmosphere and very special for a last one! after i teached for the children! they loved the performance! we all get very tired from dancing in the sand! bodys are stiff today. my yoga in the morning was slow but i am happy because i did it!

samedi 11 décembre 2010

yoga at home

on this sunday morning, i was surprised because my practise was not so bad, even if i slept so little, i was babby sitting macéo, a friend's little boy and he was sick, woke up more than 3 times in the night
i bought this anatomy yoga book and it did inspire me for practise, my lawer back is only a little bit better;i also get very motivate by reading some yoga's blog
today and tomorow i will dance lucy! hoe it won't kill my back

vendredi 10 décembre 2010

too much busy

i have so much work that i have no time for art at all
i only save a bit of time for a few yoga's posture ; salutations and between 5 or 6 postures and breathing
for all my blogger's friends : soory if
u don't see me on your pages, i will be back soon

lundi 6 décembre 2010

my little daughter's birthday

today my little one is 17 years old! damned! it push me far!!! my mind was so bussy that i did only 10 salutations and breath, and a little of meditation, i will go into the garden before a big day of office work!
she is blond but she did her hair in brown, here she is as little girl and now!!!

samedi 4 décembre 2010

Phillip Askew - New York City Vinyasa

today was a cool day, start with a yoga " reprise" slow and carefull, then i went to the beach, i rest, i read, i stayd at home. before the night it did rain and the sky was beautifull
so nice to feel like relax!!!

mercredi 1 décembre 2010


as jaimie as on her blog, what do you wish to go slow i will say
i wish to go slow with work, may be because i am so busy right now so i feel like resting and be in holidays and to be in the garden or visiting countries that i don't know

this is an old picture of coconuts from majunga, madagascar

mardi 30 novembre 2010

end of aedm

even if i did not have enough time for AEDM , i did enjoy it, for myself and also for visit others blogger's art
it is a nice project, very challenging

lundi 29 novembre 2010


i am working on planning next year! it is going crazy, feel like we shoulf add some more days! so busy!

dimanche 28 novembre 2010

little better

this morning i went back to the mat! starting to feel better! my back is still sour but i learn a lot! feeling like a beginner with yoga! foccus more on breathing!
here is a few draws from my art journaling note book

samedi 27 novembre 2010

art journaling

yesterday, when i was watching tv, i did a few draws in my art journaling note book, it was fun to get back to art!
slowly my back is getting a little better.
thanks for all of you, my blogger's friend because you have been a real support

jeudi 25 novembre 2010

pitaya's flowers

just now, pitaya's flowers are blooming in my garden, i see it as a hope for better thougts, as a smile in life

mercredi 24 novembre 2010

early morning performance

this morning, we did perform, very early for show our work to the governement ( hoping to get more funding for next year) my back was so painfull that i took pills before going to work. my hips are like glue! i cant even do a sun salutation! but i dont know how, the performance went very well
i did lucy, edith did the little red dress and then we did maux-rouges with drean, costa and i.
the people from governement really like the work! for once!!! yes! i am very tired but very happy.
so we went all together( the team..) for a nice lunch in italian restaurant near by!
it was nice to have a good time after so much work for only 4 people!
i have so less time this year for aedm... i di lots of art but did not have time to picture it! i will publish more next week

dimanche 21 novembre 2010

art journaling for aedm

yesterday i did a few pages of my art journaling, once again, it did help me to feel better. my back is " in progress" but not well yet! on the road for being better


today i feel empty, but this empty is full of sadness. it is a day for :
- just take a bag and walk away, in fornt of me, traveling with no dates for coming back;those kind of days it is how i feel, like i should travel with no dates for coming back, no more rules of social life, no more dance compagny, no more roots for may be find my own...
with this lawer back so painfull, i can't even have a bag! even walk, i seat a bit better and the pain is so stroong, no more yoga only seatting and breathing learning patience, learning that i HAVE TO REST;
i slept more than 2 hours this afternoon, i went twice to the yogamat today and will go again once because it is my only hope to get better.
drawing is difficult, my brain is so busy! reading a little, not even cooking, trying my best for resting
dreaming of travel! i was suppose to go to bali next week but it is postonned to january, my work's schedule is very heavy and i have to squeez my personnal choices according to work!! too much compromise in my dreamed life!!! good lesson, all is changing and coming so different that what we espect!

vendredi 19 novembre 2010

aedm19, lucy X3

the last performance went well, even with my broken back

mercredi 17 novembre 2010


i am trying to rest after the performance of lucy, yesterday. my back is still very bad injury and work on top of it was th worst thing to do. i feel like having no time at all. transition between postures are so painfull.
we performed 3 lucy and it was very nice feeling to do it alone and in the same time with others; we met on dance mat only 2 or 3 minutes before the end. it was strange and scarry for me to perform with a painfull back but i also learn trhought it.
need to find my roots. everuthing is too fast for me.
i did not draw for more than 2 days, impossible de bouger!
here is some pictures of the rehearsals, with no paints on the bodies( it takes 35 mn to paint all of us) and clothes on