jeudi 30 décembre 2010

bye bye 2010

today i wake up early and i am amolst where i wanted to be, i mean with yoga, only 3 postures missing for primary, with vinyasa between each side... 2010 was a difficult year so i am happy and ready for the change.
what i did good in 2010 ? i started meditation, i spent more time with my family, started art journaling and work very hard!!! yes, i want to be positive!
for next year my goal is to stop smoking! and i know it will be hard but such a big step. only 7 cigarettes left for today!!!!
thanks for all of you who read my blog, it is such a great feeling to have comments
please for all of you : enjoy 2011!
tonight nothing special is plan but for first day of the year i will be on my mat for a full primary!!!! yes! because since my lawer back injury it was just so hard to get it back! motivation!
here's so pages of my art journaling

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