samedi 18 décembre 2010

listen to details from hasard

this sunday morning, i am alone at home. i woke up very early after a bad night with nightmares! went to yogamat for a slow coming back, when , last week i went too fast, pain was back!!! i enjoyed my salutations and the 10 postures after, enjoyed more the breathing, the foccus, the brain into it.
then i did small usual things..; i was hesitating to go to the beach because the sky is not that blue.. but i said to myself, push yourself big mamma!!!!! stop to be unsocial and lazzy : beach is ALWAYS good! ok, put on an uglly old beddinsuit and on the way to the car! but the car did not start at all! went back home and be even more lazzy! this is my day , in the garden and cooking will be the only thing to do, read and draw as a relax topic, yoga as much as i can!
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