mercredi 15 décembre 2010

art journaling

today, i spend some time with my daughter, after office's work, she is back from australia and it is very nice to be together, we did a collage on a chair , i also did collage for her, back to her room before she left for university in sydney.
i took some pictures and i will post them tomorow
for today, few pages from my art journal, those pages are here for a few days because i was too busy and i did not have time to do any art
this morning, i woke up at 5-30 am and my practise is becoming better, even if my lawer back is still very stiff. i did almost all first serie and before finishing asanas i did shalabasana, dhunarasana and the diamond posture , i am not sure of the name: virsjasana
it was nice to start again to feel the effect of almost the series, i did not do kurmasa yet and any lotus but i am on my way back. end of afternoon i also did 20mn meditation and 10 breath of pranayama!!!! yes!
i am reading lots of yoga's blog and i hope some bloggers will exchange with me because it will be good to feel support on yoga's road. when i write this, i feel a bit selfish.. and i know inside that help will come from me, only from my heart and my motivation have to keep high even if i practise alone, until i will be lucky enough to be on a group class! gess what: i miss mysore so much
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