mardi 21 décembre 2010

holiday's feeling

there is a feeling of holidays at home! with those young adults around, the house is different. i am very happy to have my big daughter at home, she is so creative and positive; poor girl, she is so white that as soon as she goes into sun, she is becoming red.
they are so different my 2 girls!!! astrid ( the older one) is cool, very peace and love
and zoé, the small one is so " bimbo" i mean she is our top model!!! what is nice about them, it is that they are very close to each other.

those few days i don't sleep well, i try to feel in holidays but my brain is still so busy, thinking of the application form we have to do next week for get funding from town for the dance compagny.
i used walks, meditation and yoga for make it better.
i am still smoking, i know it is going to be hard jobe to get off tobacco
this morning, the moon was still up when i wake up, took 2 pictures with my cellphone
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