mercredi 24 novembre 2010

early morning performance

this morning, we did perform, very early for show our work to the governement ( hoping to get more funding for next year) my back was so painfull that i took pills before going to work. my hips are like glue! i cant even do a sun salutation! but i dont know how, the performance went very well
i did lucy, edith did the little red dress and then we did maux-rouges with drean, costa and i.
the people from governement really like the work! for once!!! yes! i am very tired but very happy.
so we went all together( the team..) for a nice lunch in italian restaurant near by!
it was nice to have a good time after so much work for only 4 people!
i have so less time this year for aedm... i di lots of art but did not have time to picture it! i will publish more next week
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