dimanche 21 novembre 2010


today i feel empty, but this empty is full of sadness. it is a day for :
- just take a bag and walk away, in fornt of me, traveling with no dates for coming back;those kind of days it is how i feel, like i should travel with no dates for coming back, no more rules of social life, no more dance compagny, no more roots for may be find my own...
with this lawer back so painfull, i can't even have a bag! even walk, i seat a bit better and the pain is so stroong, no more yoga only seatting and breathing learning patience, learning that i HAVE TO REST;
i slept more than 2 hours this afternoon, i went twice to the yogamat today and will go again once because it is my only hope to get better.
drawing is difficult, my brain is so busy! reading a little, not even cooking, trying my best for resting
dreaming of travel! i was suppose to go to bali next week but it is postonned to january, my work's schedule is very heavy and i have to squeez my personnal choices according to work!! too much compromise in my dreamed life!!! good lesson, all is changing and coming so different that what we espect!
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