mardi 31 août 2010

little doodle

right now, my time is full, my mind is on tension.
i did get some very agressive email from work ( not the artists, work on stage is fine) and i had to use all my yoga for stay out of answering with the same anger. some times life makes you improves what you are working on intimatly.
but i am sure of one thing, i am on the good way! i know it will need some adjustments for making it. so i dive into yoga for learn patience and humility
i dive into meditation for keep peace inside when i get affraid of people using power, abusing of power...
when i start blogging, i did make this choice : no more abusing situations around me. no more space for power. bad power. bad used power.
since a few month, i do practise as much as i can meditation, relaxation and for sure ashthanga yoga, i can see, feel the change in me, around me, how with concentration and perseverance, vigilance and courage ; yes, we can have a chance to change our lives!
and this is good , even if some days we have to go more deep to make it alive...
i dont know if my english writting is expressing exactly what i tru to mean.
but i know, that this space of expressing is rich, i thank you all, for your blogs that i follow, so inspiring
when i am so much into work, i have less time for art, so i doodle.
last picture of my garden, just for fun
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