vendredi 13 août 2010


i want to find my way back to yoga life. it is so easy when you are in mysore. but, here, back home, it is a struggle. which time should i wake up when i go to bed so late ?how can i feel yogy when work is all about stress ? today, i was suppose to do so many things, being out! and i stayed home, i will stay home until my next work ( on monday) working on myself for find my home yoga way again, so different from india. each time i will try to save more time for yoga. i have too if i want to keep feeling the benefit of it. because i know it, when the practise is strong, you feel strong.
i really have to feel strong here! now! even if life here send me to so many questions.
i am sure that it is on the yoga road that i will find a few answers
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