vendredi 27 août 2010

the little red dress

for two weeks, i 've been working on the residency aroud the "little red dress " concept. the little red dress is a short story i wrote about a girl abused and about the suffer that is in your life when you have been abused as a child.
it is a tiring subject.
each morning, i start with a class, about floor work, in slow motion, followed by a choice of yoga postures for back bending. it is amazing how everyone did progresse in 10 days.
each days, th " dancers" are coming to the class but each day there is also others peoples coming for sharin the work. some of the women did some "art pieces" around the little red dress subject.
for the week end, i will be happy to stay home, resting, may be find time for drawing or doing collage. going to the beach, take a walk.
here is the flyer for the residency
for this flyer, we used the photoshopwork of valerie gruber, an artist i like, she is always coming for the yoga class
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