lundi 11 juillet 2011

back to civilisation

i don't have any pictures of antananarivo, the capital of madagascar. only pictures from the country side, may be it is a bit hard to picture this time of the year, tana - this town have a short name- is very cold and poverty is vene more hard to see each day, i will work in a very popular part of town, and one of the dancer will come to walk with me there because it is not hat safe. it took me all afternoon to change my airplane ticket, the schedule for performance had changed so i have to re organize my flight differently, today it was only talks and presentation for me. i came a lot here in tana but in winter i can just have dinner in my room if i am alone. i enjoy to stay alone in an hotelbed room, just reading, online or books, i bit of draws, chocolates...
i practise yoga today after 2 days of traveling back to civilisation
i already miss belo and this quiet place stays in my heart...
baobab's tree also
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