mardi 19 juillet 2011

now majunga

after one week in antananarivo, i am happy to be back to the coast. i liked my week , working in tana, teaching yoga and taking a workshop with bernardo montet. a french choreographer, i will say famous in the dance world..he is a thinking man. i also teach here, every morning, this time, with bernardo. i do a oft version of yoga as a training and the, we inprovise and i teach the end of the classe, as a deep relaxation.
in tana, i teached 2 classes a day, one for the dancers, one for everyone.
this mornong i felt better after practise, because of full moon, travelling, i had to make my practise shorter so i was happy to go a bit more forward today. but, here, i go to bed very late and it is hard to wake up.
majunga is at north west f madagascar, i love this town. i hope i will have time to picture and draw, for now, i dont know excatly my planning, it seems that it keeps changing each day.
here is a few picture from antananarivo, tana la belle...
i love the smile of this women,she is selling carbon wood : une charbonniere.
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