jeudi 2 septembre 2010

red dress

tomorrow is the " premiere" day of our new work : the little red dress, the piece which is talking about the consequences of being abuse as a child in your full life.
it is a hard work, and the dancer, edith, did well, she does well
for me, for her, for us watching it since the beginning of the work process, it does work.
but tomorrow, some people from " outside" will see it with fresh new eyes.
what are they going to see ? same like us ? same but different ? different ?
it is a bit shaky tonight but i know in my heart, this work has a meaning, this work is strong and sad.
i don't have picture yet, so i will put one of my past draw that will be part of the show, even if i don't like this draw so much, i do'nt have enough time to do one now and taking one from the beginning is very interesting...
i hope we will have some pictures tomorow...
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