jeudi 9 septembre 2010


yesterday was such a busy day! it was my 45 birthday and also we had a kazkidanse, our home performancge with red subject, art and words.
it went very well, magic. the house was perfect and there was a lot of people. even if the subject is heavy, deep, and so sad, the evenig had a nice atmosphere, between some performances outside and some indoors.
the little red dress piece was beautifull, edith performed twice, because it was full. very touching, so deep, she was great.
maux-rouges went very well and for the first time costa slamed the words for men that i wrote.
Drean was also very brillant, and her babygirl floa has been fine...
i am lucky to have such a team, it was a strong evening in new moon time.
today i am tired but positive, may be to be 45 is like a virage : a new start, life half life, time to take the good road!
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