mardi 14 septembre 2010

art journaling 2

yesterday i had a big meeting which is changing the way of the compagn work! almost everyone was here for us to find solutions to keep on going even if the money is low, even if the project is difficult subject.
for once, i could see how much yoga and meditation ( even small steps with meditation) could change the way to deal with problems. i was in charge off " making the meeting happen" and i conduct it without bad energy, with good power into it, escaping anger or bad emotions, make everone abble to talk and it was good!
after i was tired and this morning, no way to practise, i am tired! so i went on the mat and do salutations, this is it! i found lots of help in reading blogs talking about yoga, meditation and also inspiration for me to do simple art with others blogs about art, artjournaling. it is so rich! thank to all bloggers that inspire me and also to all of you that support my expressives post by leaving comments.
here is the draw i did in my journal for ganesh's birthday
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