vendredi 28 janvier 2011


here i am , on my way home, staying 18 hours in transit in kuala lumpur airport, no way to get out!!! so here i am happy to be no smokers, i don't need to go smoke into toilets anymore!!! i am i a special salon, you pay and you can stay a certain numbets of hours, it is a bit boaring but what is funny for me is to play this game : try to find the nationality of people around me before i can ear theirs langages
the plane from bali to kuala was full of russian people, i imagine them living i the steppes, toundra's land...
i am here sitting on a big chair, looking the night in the airport, it is wird because the lights are o bigs, you can not feel if it is day or night
and i have no more books to read... argh!!! i am not not into a drawing mood, i did almost no art in this trip, only read and yoga and walk
about yoga, i will say that it was strange to take class in ubud , too much fancy, almost fashion and i felt odl and fat!!!! hahhahhahahha! no smoking make me feel pulpy like plain, like a plain fat yogourt but i like it!
i dont know which picture i choose because internet is not so good in the airport and it came without i could see which one it was, just i know it is a picture from bali!
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