dimanche 9 janvier 2011

on the road, some days are better

this morning, i was shaky at the idear to spend a full day with lots of friends, for our traditionnal " free exchange with no money", i was simply get above to panic feeling like
" how am i going to do it with no cigarettes"
and i did it well! very well! using humor and smile, laught and breath
it was a nice day, the exchange was also creative, i got a book , and a few clothes... i was happy because few things of mine are gone! not easy to exchange with no money and no rules: i mean we dont " have to exchange hand to hand" it can be very open, more like giving!
i don't have any pictures so i will keep posting pictures from that video i did yesterday, even if it is not the subject
Yes it was nice to be a non smoker!!! so nice!
today was a good day
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