mardi 11 janvier 2011

before travel

one day before i take the flight for bali! i can't wait!
i had notice that my worst time for be a non smoker is between 10 am and 3 pm..; may be it was where i was smoking at most
i don't sleep well, getting nervous... woke up early but tired so i was lazy on the mat, smal yoga, very small but i did it
then spend time into garden before teaching.
going to the office is very hard, lucky : it was cancel for this morning.
but i will have to go tomorow morning before flying.
here is 2 pictures from my house, details, it is roland , a girlfriend husband ( also teaching yoga- i must go once to his class) who tooks so much nice pictures from our pototrock day!
i have to say it : i want to thanks you, dears bloggers' friend for your support about stop smoking!
because , yes it is so hard! because it is so hard, its also give motivation to never start again!
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