mardi 4 janvier 2011

hard, so depressing

since yesterday night, i feel depress, i also have lots of negative thinking.
early morning, very early i went for a walk, after a bit of yoga and meditation but i start to cry, usddenly, just after reading an email from work not that nice but not that bad as well. it was enough for me to cry!!!! a lot!
i know this depress feelings are coming from stopping smoking but they are so hard to control
also it is 3 days with no electricity and no more water since this morning!!!!
patience, this is what i am learning
also tolerance and humility, also to forgive and love people even when they don't love you, what is surprising is also to feel loved or helped by people you don't expect! and i feel helped by you, all blogger's friend, may be also because i feel free to say what i think and feel here on the blog, i don't try to hyde my fears
sure, it is yoga's road
here is the ganesh where i put flowers before practise and art journal pages

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