mardi 19 février 2013

hunting posters

this morning, no practise for me...moon days for make it soft. but i am awake like everyday, so i went in town hunting posters with my bike, lots of fun. lots of work after, because i clean them as much as i can to bring them home. i can feel that i am sliding into visual art, i thought it was going to happen with videos, but no, it is with pcitures, it is with paint, walls, plastic, images, faces ,streets, it is with collage, it is as i can call it, because this is the way i feel : simple daily art with a storng feeling that it is what i have to do now. this and yoga. recycling papers into art and teach yoga, practice yoga as much as i can, wrting also. i need to art alone, to take my time, to let t go, let it grow. deep strong root in me with this time for me to be even more arty, by myself, with what i see, what i have in head, using my hands, using glue and paint for make it alive. i am sure that yoga increases this for me.

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