lundi 18 février 2013

108 sun salutations in front of Mysore palace

Sunday, Ramesh Kumar, my hatha yoga teacher invited me for the celebration of the sun, also a commemoration for Vivekananda. it was absolutely magic to go there before the sun rise and take a place with a mat. i went there with gerard a frenc man , i share the kitchen with him, in the big house where i rent my indian room. we laught so much. many indians, only few foreigners, there was a dress code but we missed it because ramesh forgot to tell us. most of people were wearing white or t shirts special for the event. we wanted to buy one but we did not find any. every one did 108 sun salutations with smile and happiness. such a great moment we did somes rounds of 24, between there was some chanting, some people served some indians sweets. we took pictures, mamy people stop ine salutation or 2 to shoot around them. i loved it.
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