mercredi 6 février 2013

days off

from 2 days, i have a real pain into right, i went out in the middle of the class, i cried for a long time after this,i know it is not nice to stop a class that this but my body could not stand it. i felt so bad after that i went in town even at day time to take some of those poster i've been hunting with movies stars on...normaly i do this very early, with my head lights on, before the sun is rising. being busy with papers helps me to not cry. how can i be so sensitive even with all this yoga ???? i have to practise more detachement, this should be the key. here internet is so slow that i takes hours to post one page, i want to thanks you, all king people who keeps reading my bad english here on blogland, you are so nice, i know i can find some goods in all the comments, it is a kind of support. the connexion is slow, please forgive me to dont visit your blogs, blogsfriends, i will as soon as i get a better connexion. pictures from a little street, where we did one pakret performance, each time i take someone in pictures i bring after a print of the picture, it is so
nice because people likes it so much
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