samedi 12 février 2011


yesterday i went to a concert in my town, i was working as big help at the bar, selling beers and champagne!!! when they asked me, i felt like i should say no, and just before going, when i was ready and dressed i felt like calling and say : i am sick
but i went and it was ok, yes! idid it : i spend a big evening whith hundreds people without smoking!! yohou! i was affraid of this! but after 45 days without smoking, i faced it and i ma happy because i was fine there and very punchy
the concert was great and i had a great evening, the bnd 340ML was very good and the dj before psycorigid ( his dj 's name).
i add a picture of me with a funny uggly pyjamas but , here i am , smiling at home
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