mardi 8 février 2011


it was a very sad time to see mamie's funerals but , in the same time, it was full of grace and so many people came, young and old, all together. the church was full and the prayer was good.
since she left, it is very sad to see papy alone, he is so old and almost blind...
today i go back to my home, my island, before taking the flight, i will take a walk to the country side.i feel like coming back here and live here again. hope it will happen soon
i took some of the virgo of mamie, she beleived so much into the mother of jesus and sainte thérèse, she had some pictures, some icones... i did take some to bring back home, for my daughters. and some for me to pray them before yoga, with my littles ganesh...
i loved mamie so much, i will miss her so much
i add some pictures of miribel, i took the pictures in october
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