lundi 21 février 2011

running... after time

it is a strange feeling to be running, not on the road but after time; especially when it seems that it will be for one year.may be it is because i worked on week end!
i mean, i don't see when i will have this sensation to be abble to rest, only rest and be free to do painting, it is " years" since i have a few minutes to draw!!!
here i am complaining so selfish because we can all have time for do something it is just a question of organise! and i will organise better for me to " art " better
about meditation, i can see i am growing, i mean in real life, even if it is hard to handdle because i have to face it, i am not so " good" there is dark in my daily life and i see it! well to become better is a hard road and i am happy to be on this road

i have to face it, when we do the work " the little red dress" i get stress and it does affect my daily life, i am awfull with my relatives and very impatient, so far from yoga so, i have to admit that i need to become much more better with yoga in daily life, be more genttle with me for be genttke with others

i add on this post a draw sed for make a bookmark by a friend : fred boulon; it is part of the red dress project, to use draw and collages or picture from people for make bookmarks! i love this interactive part it is great to receive some art each time
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