mardi 8 décembre 2009

challenge part

today i made the 2 boxes for send in the challenge of motherhenna.
i put almost same in both of them. it was excitting to make boxes that will travel so far into homes of 2 womens that i dont know.
so , i made a list, and put the list into their boxes.
i did not follow exactly the rules because i felt like put things from the islands that i di travel oftently form my own island....postcards from australia... handmadegifts from bali, encense from india. india is my "island of yoga".
i still have th flu, summer rain, tropical rain outside.
i have a motivation to smile doing the boxes.
had a real good time, like a child during felt like packing for a travel.
for Jane et Kara, 
thanks to motherhenna.
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