jeudi 22 mars 2012

a fews days left

it will be 3 months that i am here in mysore. it was such a great time dedicate to yoga and it changes my life.
when i was here learning about 6 ennemies of the mind, about practise detachement, i had to improve it relating to work, to friendship. some days were hard. i was exhorsted by too much practice. and now, that it is amlost time to go, i took 2 days very alone, very quiet. i am ready to go back home, happy to go back home.
i did learn so much. and by going trhough those hard times, i did practice detachement.
i feel like i am on my way now, on my yoga road. for real. not for a joke.
yoga is associate to english to me. i think yoga, words are coming in english.
release, yes, not only in asanas, it is suche a long process.
i am blessed to have those months here.
it is strong to improve deeply yoga. a good choice, that changes my life.
let me go for those changes now. ready
i am also happy to see that i can start to express about yoga. more clearly.
please, yoga people tell me is it for you ?
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