mercredi 6 avril 2011

the truth about it

the truth about it is that i still want to smoke, i still love it! and i miss it! i know i am dependant but but but i can found hundred of them. but.
i am stress and howfully tense which is not nice at all.
ok, ok, just to write it it gives motivation.
i realyy need to be an happy no smoker!
come on yoga, help me!
come one, me!
nicotine is like a voice inside me, like a bad spirit fihghting inside with so easy time!
ok ok, i do practise but i can see , not enough, i do walk, swim, but i guess , not enough, i do draw and paint not enough....
may be i should doubble all : yoga, meditation, artjournaling, walks, and read more!
yep yep come on big potatoe : this is a deep voice that i don't want to ear sayin: come one big cow! do it!
stop complain!

it took me time to choose a picture and i had this from brisbane museum, i do miss byron bay ! for change life nothings seems easier for me than byron bay...
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