samedi 16 avril 2011

feel like a week end! yes!

yesterday i performed lucy into a primary school, well done but so tiring! anyway, feel like week end lazy to come, it was raining and full moon is coming, so NOTHING as nothing this morning: no yoga, no walks, no meditation.
i went to the veggies' shop and then cook! and art journling a few pages so i decided to picture a few! yesterday , after performing, i had to wait two hours for edith , who was teaching nearbye, for us to do the road ( awfull road, alsways busy and rainy!!!) together! so i read and i was happy to have 2 hours waiting so i could rest
my elbow is very painfull , sounds like tendinite so , this week end : i am resting! yes! really resting!i have to learn to accept the fat on my hips!

and lazy 's week end will be for this! read, eat, cook, accepting fat on hips!
a faw pages from artjournaling...
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