lundi 4 avril 2011

first day at work, in home!

i felt strande today at work, so speed , so stress! i guess it was because i left one month, almost everybody was here and we had a nice lunch all togethers but i felt panicking, like too much busy, very high energy, abit tense when i have to listen or be foccus.
my brain is confused between being so happy and motivate to be back and being so stress regarding all to do.
Astrid, my daughter and Edith ( the real assistant dancer) were very patient with me, i have to thanks them tomorow.
as a wonderfull thing : i swim and the yoga class was wonderfull! a pure gift!
i know that my "yoyo" practise with tobacco and my " a bit less time for my own yoga and meditation" are make me more nerves. i have to be more strict with myself! and stop thinking of tobacco
i am not down with it yet; i pay high price for my last week smokes!! let me pay it, let me go deeper to make me an happy non smoking yogyc women getting close to 50!

here is a picture of awood virgo i did shot on a french rainy day!( end of march)
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