lundi 15 mars 2010

airplane day for an award!

today, i am slow, there is sun outside but i stay in the flat... packing! a work in progress! i have so much papers( from the bags) notebooks ( like 2 moleskine and one with very cheap quality paper) paintings not really finish, postcards, images for collage, paint, brushes, pencils... it takes half of my suitcase! over part is shoes! no, i am joking.well, a bit of sadeness. not ready to be back to reallife!!!
but i went on blog and yes! i get award from the gypsy... il love a blog., it is like a smile in my day. deep into heart! like : whaou, i am so proud! lol! yes, i am. very happy to share my way to be in art, my travels because it does bring me somewhere else.
i like travelling by folowing arts from everywhere.
this blog process can be very rich and positive.
thanks to gypsy, to all of you that visit me and that i visit as follower.
today, airport and airplane day!
see you back home
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