samedi 20 février 2010


sometimes i feel like my art is made of only little things that everyone could do! i mean it and i also feel it in my dance work. i don"t see it in a bad way, just as it is.
i can spend hours coloring some stamps or making douts around a sticker i did glue on a white page. i aslo like to cut papers for glue them on collage but also jut cut papers, like used bags or enveloppes; everybody culd do it. childrens do it.
in dance, i do the same with attitudes from everyday life; even for lucy but i mixed it with monkeys' gestures.
and i am here, seating on the bed or on the floor, it could be everywhere, it is everywhere! drawing on small notes books, writing...
i enjoy to do thoses littles things. and this is my way for art.

it is like taking a walk on the beach, each time the same but each time so différent.
simple, like being here, in Byron Bay
after a night of bus, i am, lets say, grogy, groovy.
i did simples things and it is great.
hope to paint tomorow...i will start my yoga class early, so i will have plenty of time after.
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