jeudi 27 septembre 2012

busy busy with too much to do, but still funky

even if tonigt i am very tired, i want to take this time to look backwards, almost one year ago, i saw with frenc movie polisse, it was terrible for me, after i cried for hours, almost days. it took me a few weeks to find how to be definitly strong enough for see or read about sexual violence that you had to carry form child. and yesterday the movie was on tv, i watched it with my husband and it was ok. i cried but a little, because, after one year, i feel so much better. i am on my way for changing my life. i did my tatoo and i worked on small things everyday and it works, yes, yoga save me from depression. it gives me power and even if i am too much busy, still facing some stressfull things at work, so many things changes in my life for better. this is good to notice it. i am much more happy and good with my closed family, i did reduce a lot social life and i really enjoy it this way. so i am happy. and it is cool to be happy. befor i travel, i have so much work, so i am less on the blog, here are a few pictures form a work i do with old people, about dance, yoga, and play funk as a back ground...
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